How to find your iPhone International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) Number

IMEI is a 15 digit identification number that is unique for every phone. You can find your phone's IMEI by one of the methods below.

1. Checking IMEI from Dialpad (Most Authentic Method)

  • Open Dialpad
  • Press *#06#
  • The 15 digit number you see is the IMEI of your iPhone

2. Checking IMEI from Settings:

  • From the Home screen tap Settings
  • Select General
  • Select About. In the list. You can scroll below to check your IMEI

3. Checking IMEI from non activated iPhone:

Click on circle above Slide to Unlock¯ and you will be prompted with IMEI number

4. Checking IMEI via Sim Tray:

  • Remove Sim Tray From iPhone
  • And inside you will see the IMEI in very small letters like the Picture below

5. iPhone packaging:

If you still have the device's original packaging, you can find your iPhone serial number and IMEI or MEID printed on the barcode label that's affixed to the packaging.